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Downsizing is an inevitable part of life. Whether it’s due to age, divorce, or just getting tired of your home, many people find themselves in the position where they need to downsize their living space. But how do you go about doing this? There are many things you need to consider before making any decisions. This blog post will talk about vital tips for downsizing your home.


Make a Plan

If you want to downsize and get rid of a lot of your stuff, you need a plan in place. Having clear goals for your downsizing experience will help guide you in making decisions regarding the items around your home. It would be best if you came up with objectives such as: how much do I want/need to keep, what do I need to get rid of, where will my new home be, how long will it take, etc. Having a plan in place is vital before you begin the downsizing process.


Sort Out Your Belongings

It is vital to go through everything you own before setting a deadline. If there are items that you no longer use or need, get rid of them immediately. Don’t give yourself false hope that you might need these items in the future because chances are you won’t. You should also sort out your belongings into three piles: keep, donate, sell. The keep pile will be what you decide to take with you to your new place, any items worth money can be sold or donated, and the donate pile is for things you no longer need, but someone else might find valuable.


Keep Important Belongings

There are certain items that everyone should keep when downsizing, no matter the circumstances. These items include: birth certificates, marriage certificates, insurance policies, will, etc. You should also make sure to take any documents or files with you regarding your mortgage. Suppose you are downsizing because of a divorce. In that case, you (or your ex) need to retain essential documents such as your children’s birth certificates, social security cards, or any other important information.


The hardest part about downsizing is often letting go of sentimental or valuable items. Everyone has at least one cherished item they can’t seem to let go of no matter how hard they try. But we strongly recommend that you don’t keep anything that might be of sentimental value to others.


John Shramko