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So what does the future hold for smart living and smart homes? Now that we can do more with technology we can expect devices to make our lives around the home easier than ever before and more connected. From video calling, wireless chargers, to assistant robots, here are some new features that are upcoming.

Digital Assistants: Smart speakers and other devices like the Amazon Alexa series and Google Assistant will continue to be an addition in smart homes. Video functionality is becoming more prevalent in smart homes. Users of smart speakers “can follow recipes with hands-free commands, check the weather or map routes, or simply catch up on shows while multi-tasking around the house.” Video communication features in these devices could soon replace the home telephone altogether. Digital assistants will go beyond this by integrating into televisions, lamps, cars, microwave ovens, and clocks. 

More Automation: We already have an abundance of smart technology in the home, including voice-controlled lights and thermostats that change based on the weather outside. This year, new technology will make uninterrupted life in the home possible. Getting groceries is one task that will become easier thanks to replenishment technology through automatic ordering and delivery through websites and apps. Developers are also starting to create programs that will recognize when you’re running low on your favorite snack and automatically place another order.

Robots:This we will see even more robot solutions that are personable and “sociable”. Human interaction will be key in robot design from this point on. Temi is a new automated robot that can roam your home and provide you with news, entertainment, and video calls. Roaming security is also rising in popularity as well. Robotic pets will offer constant monitoring from different locations in the house. Fixed cameras are unable to provide the same level of security so we could see a lot of people purchase a roaming security robot / pet.  

Thanks to the continuous advancement of automation and other technologies, smart homes will continue to make our lives easier. 


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