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When times are uncertain, people often want to go back to their roots. They desire to get away from it all and live off the land. Although living off the land is undoubtedly attractive, it must be approached with hard work and dedication. This guide provides interested individuals with the information they need, to go off-grid.

The Land Offers Everything Necessary for Survival

Planet Earth is full of life-giving properties that allow a person to survive, and even flourish, as long as they have the strength, determination, and knowledge. With the right setup, a person can live a peaceful life and reduce their carbon footprint. Living off the land tests a person’s fortitude but allows them to become fully self-sufficient.

How Do People Survive Off the Land?

When someone says they are living off the land, this means they are hunting, foraging, fishing, and growing their own food. There are three essential requirements for surviving while living off the land and they include the following.


Water is essential to life. Without water, individuals will not survive long. It is wise to build a homestead near a clean source of water. A person should also learn how to filter water for drinking.


Food is also a must. A person who plans on living off the land must become highly skilled in hunting, fishing, and foraging. Sourcing food will be a constant concern that will take a lot of energy. Those who are not skilled in hunting and foraging should learn before staking out their new frontier in the wild.


Building a safe shelter to stay protected from the elements and wild animals is another essential. Shelter means having an enclosed building or tent, cold-weather gear, a fire, and security. Without these items, a person is vulnerable to the elements and the animals that inhabit the land.

Preparedness Is Key

There are many things to consider when living off the grid. A source of water, food, shelter, and power will all be necessary.

Many people go through homesteading training so they can learn how to hunt, fish, and forage. Learning about living on the land takes both book knowledge and experienced-based knowledge. A person can never be too prepared to live off-grid.John Shramko