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John Shramko

Chattanooga-based real estate investor

John Shramko is the owner of RC Investment Group, LLC and Chattanooga Real Estate Academy, LLC.

John Shramko is a real estate professional and the owner of RC Investment Group, LLC based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. John has always loved the idea of real estate but never thought about trying it out until one fateful night in 2008 where he saw an infomercial on the television and the next day decided to go house hunting. After a little bit of searching, John stumbled into a house he wanted to buy and began saving money for it. Once he was able to afford it, John rehabilitated the home and sold it for a great deal in 2009. This success brought him to purchase and rehab two more homes that year which eventually led him to start a business in real estate despite the economic recession that the United States had been going through at the time. From 2010 through 2012, John was constantly looking for new homes to rehab, money to purchase and work on them, and crews that wanted to help him work in the houses. While things were difficult due to the economy, John and his business pushed through difficult times where he felt like they may not survive and times where business was booming and successful. Now, RC Investment Group, LLC is a successful investment company that buys, sells, manages, rehabs and rents both residential and commercial properties.

As John Shramko’s success in real estate grew, individuals began approaching him and wondering how he managed to do it. He found that much of the people who approached him have always had an interest in rehabilitating homes due to seeing it done on HGTV or because they were tired of their current career situation. This brought John to one question – how can he help other people help themselves? This led John to start his own coaching program in order to help others get into the real estate sector. He began by marketing his coaching program on Facebook and offered free courses that lasted 6-weeks and would teach individuals how they can use real estate to make money. From here, John picked individuals who excelled in the coaching program and invited them to join his new venture, Chattanooga Real Estate Academy, LLC, which he formed in 2017. This academy has one mission – to train, coach, and educate aspiring real estate investors on how they can locate, fund, and repair properties. Now, after 3 years of growing the academy, John has had 35 students with between 10 and 15 who are currently active in the real estate market, and 13 of them have made smaller-scale deals that have helped them find the success they seek.

John Shramko is currently married to his wonderful wife and the two of them have 4 children together. Outside of his real estate career, John enjoys spending time with his family at his off-grid cabin where he enjoys hobbies such as welding and taking photos of the scenic views.

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